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Roger Daltrey by Art Kane, 1968.

Elsa Martinelli on a Lancia Fulvia HF by Angelo Frontoni, Rome, 1967.

Saul Leiter, Untitled (Street Scene), 1950’s

Leonard Freed, 1964

Dennis Hopper – Ike and Tina Turner, 1965

Photo by Wingate Paine, 1966.

Paul Weller in San Francisco, 1992.

Photo by Lawrence Watson.

Lawrence Watson: Noel Gallagher with London bus

Paul Weller

photograph by Lawrence Watson

The Jam guard their wardrobe flight cases backstage at the Gaumont, Southampton, during their British tour, 1979. Left to right: singer/guitarist Paul Weller, drummer Rick Buckler and bassist Bruce Foxton. Photo by Chalkie Davies/Getty Images.